Shane Lowry aclara conflictos pasados con Rory McIlroy

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and demonstrated unity at the , contributing to their team's triumphant trophy lift. The European squad showcased exceptional strength throughout the tournament, ultimately deserving their success.

In a discussion with the , Lowry and McIlroy delved into their relationship, acknowledging its less-than-ideal history. Both golfers were formerly represented by the agency Horizon, but McIlroy parted ways a decade ago.

In a media interview, Lowry disclosed the primary issue that strained their relationship and led to the breakdown between him and McIlroy. «It was a s show, because Conor [Ridge, who worked for Horizon] has always been good to me and it was almost as if I had to pick a side, so I was in a tough place with Rory.
We went from friends to being acquaintances and it was just …

awkward. I mean, I'm ‘L' and he's ‘M' and our lockers were beside each other at every tournament!»

Shane Lowry recalls the moments

Their primary focus is their current strong relationship, and they express a shared desire to maintain this positive dynamic in the future.

Looking ahead, both of them view their strengthened friendship as a valuable asset. It not only boosts their performance in tournaments, such as the Ryder Cup but also enriches their overall experience as athletes. «I hate talking about it, and to be honest I'm happy Rory is not sitting here because I remember a practice round in before the Dunhill — it must have been 2014 — and seeing him on the tee, and waiting in the clubhouse until he was gone, which is b when you think about it.

I mean for sake! Just s-.» The upcoming Ryder Cup not only symbolizes another chance for Rory McIlroy and Shane Lowry to showcase their collective strength and secure the trophy on foreign soil but also serves as a testament to their strengthened camaraderie.

Their shared commitment to maintaining a positive relationship underscores a harmonious partnership that transcends the competitive nature of the sport.

Source: Golfmagic

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