Se ha decidido el futuro de los equipos de golf LIV

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The season ended two weeks ago with the Team Championship in which saw the final success of 's Team Crushers GC. The final prize of $14,000,000, unlike the previous season, did not all end up in the players' bank accounts: 60% remained in the team's coffers, which from this year, based on the provisions of the LIV, must be considered and managed as a business.

Liv Golf, future

At the head of the company are the Captains, who hold 25% of the team (the other 75% is held by LIV), who also have the task of looking for new, potential investors. Just like Bubba Watson, Captain of the Range Goats GC, did, who revealed on the occasion of the Team Championship that, after his team's victory in Singapore, he received around twenty offers from investors willing to take over his shares.

The LIV Golf Teams represent a different type of investment compared to those of the TGL League. The main difference consists in the fact that the Saudi League tournaments are played in a traditional format, while the TGL format is completely different and innovative, in several aspects.

The costs that are faced are also of different magnitude: the LIV teams have a much more expensive management, mainly due to travel (which from this year are entirely borne by the Team), while the TGL teams will always play in the same place.

At the moment it is difficult to compare the revenues, as those of LIV Golf are known and certain and those of the Woods and McIlroy League are only on paper. Another fact on which it is difficult to make comparisons, or even just hypotheses, is whether and to what extent investors can have an active role in the management of the team.

What is certain is that LIV Golf declared in unsuspecting times that it expects a return from the «Teams» item, which will contribute to remunerating the considerable initial investment provided by the PIF. LIV Golf, also known as Super Golf League is a professional golf circuit.

It was founded in 2022, with the sponsorship of the Public Investment Fund (it is the of Saudi )1. The circuit rivals the (United States) and the DP World Tour (Europe), offering substantially higher prize money.

The name LIV refers to the total number of holes to be played in each event (54 in Roman numerals, corresponding to 3 rounds of 18 holes), as opposed to the usual 72 holes (4 rounds of 18 holes) in other tours. Alternatively, 54 is the score obtained by making a birdie on each hole on a par 72.2 course.

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