Phil Mickelson: «Las estrellas de Liv no regresarán a la PGA»

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The and the PIF, the Saudi Sovereign Fund, are in the midst of negotiations to implement the guidelines expressed in the framework agreement that ended the civil war of professional , as Anglo-Saxon commentators like to call it.One of the passages of the agreement concerns the coexistence of the Tours, and in particular the future of , which Jay Mohanan, Commissioner of the PGA Tour, has entrusted, in his memorandum, to a task force which must decide on the methods of return of LIV players on the Tour, anticipating the possibility that they may face penalties.

Phil Mickelson, statements

Well, called this step «a colossal waste of time».“None of the LIV players want to play on the PGA Tour,” continued the Californian.“It would take a public apology and compensation for LIV Golf players for paying Clout millions to bring us all into disrepute”»A better argument to develop would be any future penalties for players who will now come to the LIV.»Mickelson’s accusation refers to the fact that the PGA Tour in 2022 turned to Clout Public Affairs, a division of Axiom Strategies, with the stated aim of hindering the development of the Saudi League, both through a communication campaign aimed at public, and through an intense lobbying activity towards US institutions.This behavior also emerges from the documents filed at the time by LIV Golf’s lawyers in the District Court, before the framework agreement put an end to the legal dispute.But beyond this push and pull on penalties that I see as unlikely, on both sides, it would be desirable to understand where the LIV Golf is going.The PGA Tour has already communicated its programming for next season, now it’s up to the League led, to date, by .Philip Alfred Mickelson is an American golfer.

He is one of the best players of his generation and has won six major tournaments: the Masters three times, the twice and once in the 2013 edition.

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