Pelea de golf: el juego lento te hace perder la cabeza

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Not all slow play leads to the same conclusions. The one in Augusta created a (brief) mystery surrounding Masters Girl, the little girl immortalized behind Koepka and Rahm waiting on the 16th tee. Slow play in led to a brawl between mere mortals.

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The crime arrived on the Net on April 30, 2023 directly from the Cleveland Height Golf Course in Lakeland. In that circle, respect for the rules and politeness ended up in the attic for at least a couple of minutes.

The slow game was the cause of the brawl in golf between two teams that unfortunately passed from words to deeds. If once similar episodes were handed down (and magnified) by word of mouth among eyewitnesses, today the inevitable video appears to document punch after punch, including audio.

It was the ZireGolf page that put it on the Net. The images show two players aboard a golf cart approaching a team of four amateurs who evidently precede them. Before the crash, a few big words. Someone tries to explain it with «we can’t go faster because we too have a slow team ahead of us».

But evidently no one was really looking for clarification at that juncture. Thus a first push was triggered, then a kick, then a melee with a golfer on the ground in the starting area. Absurdly, a marshall also exacerbated the tension, rushing onto the field after hearing the screams.

“Where the fuck have you been so far?” the attendant said to his face. Moral of the story: The golf fight lasted a couple of minutes. Whoever shot the video was careful not to lower the smartphone and act as a peacemaker.

At the beginning of the video, the author of the clip lets out a «Hey man, we can go viral» which says a lot about her intentions. We do not know the identity of the amateurs involved and we do not even know if any measures have been taken against them at the club and/or judicial level.

Certainly no one made a good impression. The Rules of Golf are a set of standard rules and procedures by which the sport of golf should be played. They are jointly written and maintained by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St.

Andrews, the governing body for golf worldwide, outside of the United States and Mexico, which are governed by the . An expert commission made up of members of the R&A and USGA, oversees and refines the rules every four years.

The latest revision has been in force since January 1, 2016. Changes to the rules of golf generally fall into two main categories: those that improve understanding and those that in certain cases reduce penalties to ensure balance.

The rule book, entitled «Rules of Golf», is published on a regular basis and also includes rules governing amateur status. In Italy it is up to Federgolf to supervise the competitions by enforcing the rules issued by the R & A, checking that these rules are observed by the Clubs, Associations and their members and manages the resulting sporting justice, protecting their interests abroad.

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