John Rahm reacciona a la renuncia de Rory McIlroy del Consejo de Política de la PGA Tour

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's resignation from the Policy Board has caused a lot of reactions. However, Rory made such a decision, which and the PGA Tour leaders respect. They wished him all the best in the future. Many believe that with this move Rory wanted to direct his attention more towards the game, than politics.

His colleague, commented on McIlroy's decision. The Spaniard believes that Rory is not to blame in this story. “As regards to Rory, he's obviously been put in a situation where a lot has been expected of him, and I don't know the exact reason why he left the board.

But I certainly wouldn't blame somebody like him to just want to focus a bit more on his game and his family and enjoy the bit of time he's truly earned. It's a big commitment for somebody to be part of it. Did I expect it? Not really.

But I can understand why somebody would do, especially with everything that's involved. ”- Jon Rahm said, as quoted by

Jon Rahm

Rahm was questioned about the potential competitive advantage for top-ranked players like due to McIlroy's significant time commitment to the policy board.

Jon Rahm believes that it is a difficult question, but that it probably had an impact. The Spaniard tried to recall a player from the history of the PGA Tour who won major trophies and was part of the Policy Board.
“Hard to say.

Being part of the PAC and the chairman, it does require some time. I think it is a significant commitment, so it could have an effect. It's not only the meetings. It's the phone calls and the players wanting to talk to you. So those hours you spent on the course are a little bit busier.

So I think it could hinder a little bit, and there's a reason probably why I can't recall any great player being a full-time board member and winning tournaments and majors at the same time, at least in recent history. Maybe there was, maybe back in the day on the PGA Tour. But I can see how the lack of sleep definitely will limit your ability to compete”.

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